B&H is noted for developing the largest tool mound in Britain, as well as for its extensive contributions to the Next Generation Composite Wing (NGCW) programme

Company profile

As a mainstay of the UK manufacturing sector since 1965, B&H is a company with rich tradition that manages to remain relevant and follow the modern trends by constantly improving its equipment and workforce. Its extensive engineering expertise has been accumulated on some of the most demanding projects that were conducted in this period, particularly when it comes to building large-scale tools for OEM clients. The company is noted for development of the largest tool mound in Britain, as well as for its extensive contributions to the Next Generation Composite Wing (NGCW) programme. Company headquarters are located in Reddish, in the immediate vicinity of Manchester, with 35 employees working around the clock to serve customers both domestically and internationally. 

Business orientation
Products manufactured by B&H Precision Tooling can be found in the automotive, defence and aerospace industries, where they have been indispensable for some time. As a capable and experienced toolmaker that operates some of the largest machines in Britain, B&H is regularly called upon to handle projects where production of large invar tools for composite airframe components is necessary. Some of the most prominent names on the client list include Airbus, Bombardier and GE, while the services performed include traditional or composite lay-up tooling, CNC machining, and 5-axis vacuum fixtures. Other areas of expertise include the manufacture of transportation and handling equipment , assembly fixtures, jigs and fixtures. Focus on customer satisfaction is a central tenet of the corporate philosophy followed by B&H, and it is reflected in every aspect of its business operations.

Key strengths 
B&H is a full-service provider, capable of handling all phases of the process independently from any subcontractors, from the design stage through fabrication and machining all the way to finishing and inspection. That allows the company to offer turnkey solutions developed exactly to specifications, helping OEMs save a lot of time and resources. Specialised equipment suitable for building large machine tools truly makes the difference, qualifying the company to deliver products such as wing or fuselage assembly fixtures, transportation fixtures, turnover fixtures, as well as drill and trim fixtures. The management team was slowly built from the inside, with the most experienced engineers assuming the decision making roles. In the final analysis, B&H has that elusive mix of resources and expertise that is valued by customers who dont want to compromise the quality of their products. 

A look towards the future 
Ownership of B&H Precision Tools has recently been transferred to the AS.G group, opening a new chapter in the history of this successful enterprise. New business structure wont affect the primary production focus, and the company will continue to supply all of its Tier 1 clients with parts and completed products as before. However, the merger opens up additional funding for research and development efforts, as well as adoption of the latest manufacturing methods and procedures that can complement or replace the existing setup. It also allows B&H to use sister plants for completion of less demanding tasks, freeing up its valuable large-scale machines for priority projects and shortening the lead times on complex projects that depend on good coordination. 

Our complete manufacturing process is in-house and includes; design, fabrication, CNC machining, finishing and inspection.