Joint capacities of AS.G group are considerable and include complete machining equipment needed for all phases of the manufacturing process, including 3-axis and 5-axis work centres as well as inspection stations, CAD and turning centres. This allows itto operate independently and offer competitive prices for the finished products, while having the capacity to serve as a primary provider of machining works onlarge scale projects.

Material resources that the group has access to are valuable, but not as much as the collective experi-ence in the engineering and aerospace sectors. If total length of market presence of all companies within the system is combined into a single figure, we are talking about roughly century and a half of continuous business. The knowledge gained through practice is systematically translated into business procedures that allow usto standardise the quality and react proactively in a range of situations. 

All companies within our system can count on central management infrastructure to support their endeavours and guide them towards a sustainable future. AS.G Group continues to search for ways to improve its performance and increase its delivery capacities. In the next phase, consolidation of the system and strengthening of the AS.G brand will be the main objectives.