The AS.G group of companies has over 50 years of experience supplying precision engineering solutions and components to the world’s most prestigious OEM’s within the aerospace, defence, automotive and energy sectors.

Our Unique Offering

Our detail parts manufacturing, sub-assembly, tooling and composites capabilities are second to none.
Extensive capabilities cover the design and manufacture of transportation tooling, fixtures and jigs. (The longest item manufactured is 18 metres long and the heaviest is 38 tonnes)
Our expertise encompasses short and long bed capability covering both 3 & 5 axis machine tools manufacturing parts in aluminium, titanium, nickel alloys, steels and composites materials.

AS.G Group was formed in December 2015, today we employ over 180 people and generate revenues of circa £30m. We currently have five manufacturing sites in the UK with the infrastructure available to increase capacity on all sites. Further acquisitions are also planned for 2018/19. Our strategic mission and intent is to develop and deliver an aerospace group unique in the depth and breadth of its capabilities, customer focus and commitment to operational excellence.

Our selective acquisition and capital equipment strategy ensures that we invest in the latest technologies, process, tools and people. We commit ourselves to offering world class service to our customers, maintaining excellent levels of quality and delivery whilst openly engaging in cost down initiatives.

Techni-Grind (Preston) Machining Ltd

Acquired July 2016 , A precision engineering business specialising in all forms of high-tech CNC machining of both soft and hard metals with the added facility of ‘long-bed’ machining centres UP TO 3.7 meters. This resource enables TGM to undertake the manufacture of large components across
a range of materials.

B & H Precision Tooling

Acquired February 2017 A world class supplier of Tooling for the aerospace industry, specialising in the design and manufacture of large invar layup tools for composite airframe components, jigs and fixtures.

Arrowsmith Engineering (Coventry) Ltd

Acquired February 2017 – A precision engineering company specialising in machining fully certified and bonded components in titanium, nimonics, stainless steel, exotic metal and engineering plastics.

Phoenix CNC Engineering Ltd

Acquired December 2015 - Precision engineering company specialising in machining aerospace components, assemblies and supply chain management, based in Long Eaton, near Nottingham.

EPM Technologies

Acquired September 2017 - A. high performance engineering company producing world- class composite components, assemblies and sub systems using hi-tech composite materials for the most challenging environments.

The AS.G Team

Every company is only as good as the people who represent it; at AS.G we treat our employees as our most valuable asset. The selection process is very detailed and takes personality and willingness to learn into account, as well as professional and academic qualifications.

New employees are trained to understand the operational procedures and fulfil their responsibilities independently while seeking feedback from their colleagues whenever possible. Experienced workers help spread our corporate culture to fresh reinforcements, extending the network of trust that runs through the entire company. Our preference is to keep our workforce stable, as such we take our training program very seriously and assign our most experienced veterans to lead it. Multiple interns are present at our workshops at all times, and some of them lend to full-time positions.

Whilst teamwork is highly valued in our system, that doesn’t mean we suppress individual thinking. In contrast, AS.G was built by strong-minded leaders who often went off the script to deliver the best results, and we nurture this independent spirit by rewarding employees whose contributions make the greatest impact.

The engineers forming the core of AS.G team have decades of experience in turning, milling, grinding, thread rolling and hydraulic testing, they are readily passing their skills to the next generation. Regardless of their length of tenure, all machine operators are trained how to use new machines before they start working with them, with employee safety treated as number one priority. In a bid to strengthen the community spirit and simplify collaboration between corporate units, the group is proactively formulating common tools for communication and exchange of experience, with the AS.G website serving as the central platform that unites all of our online properties. We intend to continue building lateral links and provide strong incentives for our employees to work together as a coherent and cohesive group.